The Paa Tal
This council of enlightened beings has travelled and incarnated in the third density to help to raise humanity from it's prison planet. They are among the most powerful and advanced spiritual beings in the know universe, yet their power is limited in this realm of reality. The Paa Tal have taken the form of many different races and practice the mystical and ancient arts lost to the vast majority of civiliztion. While there are many Paa Tal currently residing on the Earth, the Council of Twelve confer to make decisions about how to find and awaken the other reborn Paa Tal on the planet. The Paa Tal are constantly on the run from the Draconian and the governments of Earth who are privy to the true nature of these glorious beings. The Council must remain free, for the most vital trial is upon them, awakening the spirit of the Starsun!
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