Humanity is trapped in a cage called reality. It is both a self-inflicted prison, as well as one of outside manipulation and control. This cage is three-dimensional in nature and holds and binds humanity within its limitations. With a multi dimensional spectrum of worlds spinning around each individual's head-they are unable to see, interact, or take part and these realms consciously. Of course, the occasional ripple shakes their consciousness, giving them a brief and indescribable glimpse into worlds beyond imagination. However, there are those who are able to freely travel between these worlds, humans who have gained the capability of multi dimensional travel and interaction. These beings are called the "enlightened-ones ". The beings are very ancient spirits who have traveled to the third dimension, and consequently earth, to liberate her captive children. They're the first creation of modern mankind, created by those who would now seek to control their creation. They are aided by benevolent spirits as well as trans-planetary humans who feel empathy for their brethren's plight. But now, there are those in humanity who are waking up. There are people who are beginning to see multidimensionaly. And while this is a great leap for the evolution of man, this does not bode well for those holding the reins. There many alien races, some benevolent, some we would see as evil. Whether these dark races are truly wrong or simply surviving a way that they understand how is left to the Observer to decide. Philosophy aside, these dark races have been manipulating the genetics of the residents of earth for millennia. They are Draconian, the reptiles, seeking to use mankind as its own natural resource of negative energy. And for a millennia many benevolence races have watched this taking place. However, like with most benevolent races, they will not intervene unless asked to do so. We have not asked for help. The Draconian are not alone, they have many slave workers as well as allies in other races. They are a darker race because they use negative energy as a source of sustenance.

This negative energy is unable to carry information. Light is information. The light reaching the earth has been polarized by the Draconian. This has limited the information being received by earthlings. This is also the source of our confined reality.
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