Humanity is special. The race that has come to be known as Homo sapiens sapiens has existed for millions of years and lived on many different planets. Originating in the star system Lyra, humans sought to colonize other worlds and did so in great numbers. The special thing about humans is the places they have been. They have traveled through the 11th dimension. The more dimensions traveled, the closer to creation a being comes. That is why humans are such an important resource. Their extremely wide range of emotions has its origin in their dimensional hopping ancestors. This emotional flux is very volatile to most races that have not experienced such extremities. Humanity is actually very powerful to be able to exist in the 3rd dimension for it is the most dense and most difficult to create, yet humans create the third dimension at will. So humans are essentially extremely powerful beings locked within a prison. However, the key has been found. The ascended masters of earth have used their influence to evolve the species as best as possible. Now that evolution is complete for a man has been born who can move freely through these worlds. This is where our story will begin. As the boy is now reaching manhood, this a very important time. It is at this age that this child will realize his prison and the prison of those around him. This is where the battle begins.

A cry for help is being answered. The boy's father, a quantum physicist, shaman, and free human, has realized the truth. The story begins with the attempted assassination of this man, Joseph Starsun. The draconian have sent a SWAT team of humans to destroy him. Humanity has made many deals in the deepest of secrecy and the darkest of smoke-filled rooms. We have traded humans and our energy for technology and bits and pieces of the truth. These reptile are in control of the governments of the world and are beginning to create one dominant faction over the earth. Of course, one world can be beneficial, however under the control of the Draconian, this is a means of ultimate and endless enslavement.
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