Throughout our history, mankind has been genetically altered. While humans had visited this planet throughout the ages, it was a group of aliens from the planet Niburu who set the course that has now manifested. These beings are called the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki now have somewhat of a working relationship with the reptile. The Anunnaki think of themselves as superior, yet allow draconian domination over earth. 400,000 years ago, the Anunnaki came to Earth seeking the element that could save their dying planet as well as give them immortality, gold. As they mined the Earth they eventually decided that the work was too much for them. They used their genetics as well as the genetics of beings left on this planet previously, and created modern man. They were created as slaves. These are the gods of ancient Sumeria. The Anunnaki were joined by a group from Orion and the battle ensued over control. These beings from Orion created the pyramids of Egypt in connection with their constellation. The gods breed with humans and in doing so put their sons and daughters in charge of the rest of the enslaved humanity. These were the kings of the Bible that sought to keep their people from realizing the truth, one God. The Council of 12 Anunnaki still maintain watch over the Earth. Although they tried to destroy their creation several times, they still feel some sympathy in their hearts for them, as deeply buried as it may be.

Maxmilian Starsun is a final evolutionary step of mankind. Throughout his childhood his dreams have been filled with other worlds, other beings and their teachings. He has been visited and he has seen his destiny as well as our fate. He is now at the age where his rational mind is beginning to process all this information and in his movement toward adulthood, he's beginning to see things the way they are and realize something is wrong. He has asked "if we can create our own reality and then why have we created this one? " He is about to realize why. It is after the attempted assassination of his father that other beings realize that intervention is necessary. Joseph is taken by Lyrians. The Council of ancient humans has decided that Maxmilian must be hidden. They have sent a great man and warrior named Chen-Tao. It will be Chen-Tao's role to train and protect Max from all that would harm him.